Deborah Neuman B.S., Nursing for RNs Camillus, N.Y.

To all of the nurses out there who want to go back to school, here is my story.

Seventeen months ago I embarked on a journey to obtain my Bachelors Degree. After 30 years of being a nurse I was nervous and excited at the same time. What if I wasn’t successful? What if I didn’t fit in? What if, what if, what if? I am here to say that as I complete my last course that this journey was more than a journey. This was a rekindling of my mind.

What I’ve learned and the people I’ve met since starting at Keuka has benefitted me in so many ways I would not know where to start. The classes were amazing, and yes there was a lot of independent work, but it all was mind opening, and certainly doable. The instructors were helpful and encouraging and I loved every minute of my learning experience. The Keuka College Program worked into my 12 hour night schedule so I was able to get to classes. For those who worry about the words “field experience” let me say that I found that this was an area that allowed all of the class work to be folded in together, and allowed me to make the greatest amount of growth.

I would encourage anyone who is a nurse to embark on the journey I’ve been on, it has been hard work, but it has been an amazing ride and I now want even more education.